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UPDATED ON 03.04.2013.
1. ‘A Passage to India’ is written by –E.M. Forster
2.  Synonym of Slender –Slim
3. She was singing a song –A song was being sung by her.
4. Which short story was written by James Joyce –Araby
5. If I were a bird.
6. Please, don’t hold back the truth.
7. I have never travelled by air. 
8. I usually go to bed at midnight.
9. Who wrote ‘Arms and the Man’ –G.B. Shaw
10. The weather office had predicted that it would rain soon.
11. I know the man –The man is known to me.
12. Synonym of mould –shape
13. My sister said to me, ‘Are you well?’ –My sister asked me if I was well.

1. ‘Mosquito is the vector of Malaria’ –which city of India is famous for this discovery by Ronald Ross –Kolkata
2. The source of Methane gas is –paddy field, Marshy land and cattles
3. Which country uses alcohol derived from sugarcane as an alternative source of fuel to drive vehicles –Brazil
4. The word ‘Bhui Phore’ is connected with –mound of termite
5. Which gas cause ozone hole in the stratosphere –N2O, CH4, CFC
6. In which year Sundarban was declared as world heritage site by UNESCO -1987
7. Which is a chemical change –sulphur is burnt
8. Which plant is in use for production of biodiesel –Jatropha
9. Which item is connected with the word ‘Talab’ –water conservation
10. Takin is the national animal of which neighbouring country –Bhutan
11. Which is a deciduous tree –Sal
12. Arabari is famous for –Joint forest management
13. which disease is caused by passive smoking –COPD
14. which plant extract is used as insecticide –Rotenone

1. Antonym of zenith –a)top b)extinct c)nadir d)extant          ANS- (C)
2. Antonym of urban  -a)rapid b)far c)ancient d)rural                  ANS-(D)
3. Look Back In Anger was written by –a)John Osborne b)J.M. Synge c)G.B. Shaw d)Harry Potter  ANS- (A)
4. The situation left him in horns of dilemma –a)unable to feel b)unable to speak c)unable to sleep d)unable to decide  -ANS – (D)
5. The environment has been destroyed completely –a)destroyed out b)wiped out c)rooted over d)wiped over            ANS- (B)  

1. The length, breadth and height of a cuboid are in the ratio 5:4:2 and the total surface area is 1216 cm2, then the volume of the cuboid is –a)2660 cm3 b)2460 cm3 c)2560 cm3 d)2700 cm3  ANS- (2560)
2. If a+b+c= 0, then a3 + b3 +c3 =? –a)0 b)3a3b3c3 c)3abc d)3/abc             ANS- (C)
3. The ratio of x% of y to y% of x is equal to –a)1/xy b)1 c)xy d)x/y         ANS –(B)
Next more Question will see as soon as possable........... Keep Watch 
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