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WBFS Exam. 2013 Solved Question Remaining Part...held on 19.01.2014 (20 to 80)

West Bengal  Public Service Commission has Organized Written Examination Recruitment for West Bengal Forest Service Examination, 2013 Solved Question Paper which held on 19.01.2014, are given below. (20 t0 80)

21. Deben working for 4 days and Ramen for 3 days complete 2/3 of a work. Again Deben working for 3 days and Ramen for 6 days complete 11/12 of the work. Separately how many more days Deben will take than Ramen to complete the work?
(A) 21 days  (B) 3 days (C) 5 days (D) 2 days

22. Ratan places a watch on a table so that the hour hand points towards North at 6 P.M. On what direction will the minute hand point at 9.15 P.M.?
(A) South -East  (B) South (C) East (D) West

23. 100 Kg. of first type of solution contains 5kg. sugar, while 300 kg. of second type of solution contains 24kg.sugar. 150kg. solution is collected from these solutions and it is found to contain 9 2/3kg. sugar. What is the weight of first type solution in this 150kg. solution?
(A) 72 2/9kg. (B) 80 kg. (C) 65 kg. (D)77 7/9kg

(A) HIEF   (B) HMEJ    (C)HIJE    (D) DMAJ

25. Simplify: (1 - 1/3)(1 - 1/4)(1 - 1/5).....(1 - 1/99)
(A) 0  (B) 98/3 (C) 2/99 (D) 196/3

26. In the context of Money Bill, which of the following statements is incorrect?
(A) Money Bill can be passed in Lok Sabha only  (B) Rajya Sabha can amend it  (C) The President cannot return it to the Parliament (D) Tax rate cannot be raised without the consent of Lok Sabha

27. Ozone layer is getting depleted due to the emission of
(A) Chloroflurocarbons (B) Chlorine  (C)Carbon dioxide (D)Methane

28. A and B can do a piece of work in 10 days. A alone can do it in 15 days. How long B alone will take to do the same work?
(A) 15 days
(B) 20 days
(C) 30 days
(D) 24 days
29. Dege::eracy of genetic code was discovered by
(A) Khorane
(B) Ochoa
(C) Mcclintock
(D)Bernfield and Nirenberg

30. The ratio of Assam tea and Darjeeling tea in aspecial blend is 2:3. Find the quantity of the mixture of tea in which 9kg. of Darjeeling tea is present.
(A)15 kg.   (B) 27/5 kg   (C) 5/27 kg.   (D)25 kg.

31. Which one of the following statements is correct?
(A) Right to property is a fundamental right
(B) Right to property is a constitutional right
(C) Right to property is a legal right
(D) None of the above

32. If a sound wave of wavelength 1.7m has a velocity of 340 m/s, then the frequency of the wave will be
(A) 578 Hz  (B) 200 Hz  (C) 100 Hz  (D) 289 Hz

33. How many numbers between 200 and 400 are divisible by 3, 5 and 6?
(A) 4 (B) 5  (C) 7  (D) 6

34. The excretory organ of prawn is
(A) Nephridia (B) Malpighian tubules (C)Green gland (D)Flame cells

35. Which of the following statements on Directive Principles is incorrect?
(A) Directive Principles of State Policy aim at economic reconstruction
(B)Such principles aim at establishing welfare state
(C) Those are enforceable in the Court

(D)Such principles constitute the conscience of the Constitution

36. Chairman of the National Knowledge Commission in India is
(A) Sam Pitroda  (B) Deepak Nayyar  
(C) Nandan Nilekani  (D) Pushp Bhargav

37.Three competitors round a circular field in 14 minutes, 21 minutes and 
35 minutes respectively. Starting from the same place and time in the same 
direction where they meet for the first time, how many times the first competitor 
rounds the field?
(A) 6 times (B) 10 times   (C) 25 times  (D) 15 times

38. Economic Reforms were introduced by Government of India in 1991 under 
the Prime Ministership of
(A) Jawaharlal Nehru   (B) V. P. Singh  (C) Rajiv Gandhi  (D) P. V. Narshima Rao

39. 'Sal' is a/an
(A) Evergreen Tree   (B)Deciduous Tree
(C)Xerophytic Plant    (D)Temperate Tree

40. A man buys a certain number of organges at 3 for Rs. 10 and sells them at 2
for Rs. 10. His gain per cent is
(A) 50%  (B) 40%  (C) 60%  (D) 20%

41. Locomotory organ of Amoeba is
(A) Cilia    (B)Flagella     (C)Pseudopodia    (D)None of the above

42, The 12th Five Year Plan in India is from
(A)April, 1995  (B)April, 2012  (C)April, 2008  (D)April, 1990

43, Hi yielding variety seed of wheat was first discovesed by
(A) Norman Borlaug of Mexico   (B)Rice Growing Institute of Japan 
(C) Ramanuj of India   (D) Wheat Research Institute of U.S.A.

44. B, the son of A was married to C whose sister D was married to E, 
the brother of B. How D is related to A?
(A) Sister  (B) Doughter-in-law  (C) Sister-in-law  (D) Doughter

45. Money Supply in Indian Economy is regulated by
(A) State Bank of India  (B) Reserve Bank of India
(C) EXIM Bank of India  (D) Ministry of Finance

46. Auxin is
(A) Plant hormone (B) Animal hormone (C) Enzyme (D) Vitamin

47. A TV seler fixed his marked price fixing 10% profit on cost price. But at time of selling he gave 10% rebate. What was his percentage of gain or loss?

(A) 1% loss   (B) 1% gain   (C) No loss or No gain   (D) 0.5 % loss

48. If vowels are omitted from the alphabet. What will be the middle letter ?
(A) M    (B) L     (C) N    (D) P

49. A mixed gland is
(A) Thyroid   (B) Pituitary   (C) Pancreas   (D) Liver

50. Human Development Report of the World is published by
(A) UNDP (B) World Bank  (C) IMF  (D) WTO

51. The Telegu writer who won the Jnanpith Award in
(A) R. Ananthamurthy   (B) Ravuri Bharadwaja  (C) Jayakanthan  (D) J. M. Sali

52. Who was called the "Chanakya" of Maratha Politics?
(A)  Baji Rao I  (B)  Balaji Viswanath  (C) Mahadaji Sindhia  (D) Nana Fadnavis

53. In a certain code '146' means "Rose is flower", '941' means "Flower is nice",
'246' means "Rose is beautiful". Then the code of "Flower is beautiful" is
(A)241  (B) 214  (C) 124  (D) 142

54. Lok Sabha Speaker is elected by
(A) Members of Lok Sabha
(B) Speakers of State Assemblies
(C) Members of Rajya Sabha
(D) None of the above

55. Gahana is X years old, and her father is X to the power 2 years old. 5 years later, her father will be three times as old as Gahana. The present age of Gahana is
(A) 5 Years  (B) 3 Years  (C) 2 Years  (D) 4 Years

54. Lok Sabha Speaker is elected by
(A) Members of Lok Sabha
(B) Speakers of State Assemblies
(C) Members of Rajya Sabha
(D) None of the above

55. Gahana is X years old, and her father is X to the power 2 years old. 5 years later, her father
will be three times as old as Gahana. The present age of Gahana is
(A) 5 Years  (B) 3 Years  (C) 2 Years  (D) 4 Years

56. Who was the founder of the Asiatic Society?
(A) David Hare  (B) Warren Hastings  (C) William Jones  (D) East Hyde

57. BT brinjal which was stopped from being introduced in India was a
(A) Biotechnologically evolved brinjal with no seeds
(B) Biotechnologically evolved brinjal of twice the size of other types of brinjal
(C) Biotechnologically evolved brinjal which will be free from growth of pests inside it
(D) Biotechnologically evolved brinjal which will 2012 was be very soft to eat.

58. In a row of boys, Ajit is 12th from the left and Sujit is 6th from the right. When they
interchange their positions, Ajit becomes 20th from the left. How many boys are there?
(A) 38   (B) 26   (C) 25   (D) 18

59.  `Akash' missile that was test fired by DRDO from  Chandipur in May, 2012 was
(A) Surface -to -Air missile
(B) Air -to -Surface missile
(C) Surface -to -Surface missile
(D) Water -to -Surface missile

60. Where was the Nalanda University situated?
(A) Near Karachi   (B) Near Patna   (C) Near Oudh   (D) Near Allahabad

61. Two trains leave a railway station at the same time. The first train travels due west and
the second train due north. The first train travels 5 km./hr., faster than the second train.
If after two hours, they are 50 kms. apart, the speed of the first train is
(A) 10 km./hr.   (B) 20 km./hr.   (C) 15 km./hr.   (D) 25 km./hr.

62. If Y + Z = 4, YZ = 3 then find the value of  Y to the power 3 + Z to the power 3
(A) 28   (B) 100   (C) 52    (D) 76

63. The Indian flag bearer in London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony was
(A) Vijendra Singh  (B) Sushil Kumar (C) Abhinav Bindra  (D) Leander Paes

70. The least member of five digits which is exactly divisibleby 9,16 amid 24 is
(A) 10001 (B) 10021 (C) 10080 (D) 10050

64. Kashmir acceded to India in the year_____
(A) 1947  (B) 1948  (C) 1950  (D) 1951

65. Indian National Thermal Power Corporation has entered into an agreement to provide power to
(A) Chittagong district of Bangladesh
(B) Dacca in Bangladesh
(C) Karachi in Pakistan
(D) Myanmar

66. The diagonals of a parallelogram are 3 cm. and 4cm. The angle between the diagonals is 90°. 
What is the lenght of the smallest side of the parallelogram?
(A) 2.5 cm.  (B) 1.5 cm.  (C) 3.5 cm.  (D) 2.75 cm.

67. The sky appears blue because
(A) red light is absorbed more  (B) blue light is absorbed more
(C) blue light is scattered more (D) the actual colour of the sky is blue

68. The speed of a boat in still water is 8 km./hr. It can go 15 km. upstream and 22 km. 
downstream in 5 hours. The speed of the stream is
(A) 2 km./hr.   (B) 3 km./hr.  (C) 4 km./hr.   (D) 5 km./hr.

69. Who converted Sikhs into a 'martial race'?
(A) Arjundev  (B) Govind Singh  (C) Hargovind  (D) Teg Bahadur

71. INS—Cbakra, inducted into the Indian Navy in April, 2012 is
(A) Cargo Ship
(B) Nuclear Powered Submarine
(C) Inter Continental Ballistic Missile
(D) None of the above

73. The Hirakud Dam is located on
(A) River Kosi  (B) River Mahanadi  (C) River Cauvery   (D) River Tapi

74. Who edited `Harijon Patrika'?
(A) Arabinda Ghosh  (B) Mahatma Gandhi (C) Balgangadhar Tilak (D) Bipin Chandra Pal

75. When a positively charged conductor is earthed
(A) electrons will flow from the conductor to the earth
(B) protons will flow from the conductor to the earth
(C) electrons will flow from the earth to the conductor
(D) no flow of charge will take place

76. India won the under -19 Cricket World Cup 2012,after defeating in the final
(A) Australia  (B) England  (C) Pakistan  (D) South Africa

77. A and B together complete a work in 4 days. The time taken by B to complete 
the work separately is 6 days more than that taken by A. In how many days A 
alone can complete the work?
(A)6 days (B)8 days (C)7 days (D)10 days

78. 'Look East Policy' was propounded by
(A) Atal Behari Vajpayee  (B) Indra Kumar Gujral  
(C) Manmohan Singh  (D) Smt. Sonia Gandhi

79. Alexander invaded India in
(A )327 B.C.  (B) 530 B.C. (C) 548 B.C.  (D) 322 B.C.

80. Due to some error in the weighing machine, Gahana' s weight was shown as 
72kg. as against the actual weight of 80kg. The percentage error is

(A) 9%  (B) 8%  (C) 11%  (D) 10%
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