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Solved Question of WBPSC West Bengal Civil Service (Exe.) (Preliminary) Exam, 2014. Which held on on 3rd Aug, 2014 (Part II Question No. 26 to 76)

101. Who among the following founded a national paper, a national school and a national gymnasium in the second half of the nineteenth century? 
(A) Jatindranath Tagore (B) Rajnarayan Bose (C) Nabagopal Mitra (D) Satyendranath Tagore 

102. 60 : 15 : : * : 1/4, Find * (A) 1.1 (B) 2.1 (C) 1 (D) 0.1 

103. New agri-structural strategy created special benefits for 
(A) Small farmers (B) Big capitalist farmers (C) Agricultural labourers (D) Intermediate traders 

104. The stage of mitosis in which chromosomes become V, J, L or I shaped? 
(A) Prophase (B) Metaphase (C) Anaphase (D) Telophase 
105. In which year the second battle of Panipat was fought? 
(A) 1605 AD (B) 1707 AD (C) 1757 AD (D) 1556 AD 

106. Which one of the following sectors of Indian economy is state owned and its service sector is a public enterprise? (A) Irrigation (B) Agriculture (C) Forestry (D) Plantations 

107. Apex bank for supplying agricultural credit is 
(A) Reserve Bank of India (B) State Bank of India (C) NABARD (D) (B) and (C) above 

108. The tribal rebellion against the British Known as Ulgulan was organised by 
(A) Korra Mallya (B) Ranade (C) Birsa Munda (D) Konda Dora 

109. Rhizome is a modified stem because 
(A) it grows vertically upward in the soil and it has fleshy leaves. 
(B) it has nodes and it has eyes which bears germinating buds. 
(C) its stem is highly condensed and disc like. 
(D) it has nodes, internodes and has brown, scaly leaves. 

110. Who was the Governor-General of India during the revolt of 1857? 
(A) Canning (B) Dalhousie (C) Elgin (D) Ripon 

111. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? 
(A) Himalayas Tertiary Fold Mountains (B) Deccan Trap Volcanic Cone Eruption 
(C) Western Ghats Palaeozoic Fold Mountains (D) Aravallis Pre Cambrian Relict Mountains 

112. The identifying features of carrot roots are 
(A) Conical with small roots. (B) Conical without small roots. 
(C) Round with small roots. (D) Irregular with no small roots. 

113. Structural reform of financial policy needs 
(A) SLR to increase and CRR to fall. (B) both SLR and CRR to increase. 
(C) cut down of easy loan to priority sectors. (D) None of the above 

114. In which year did the Congress Ministries start functioning in the provinces? 
(A) 1937 (B) 1930 (C) 1948 (D) 1938 

115. The digested food is absorbed in 
(A) Stomach (B) Intestine (small) (C) Intestine (Large) (D) Colon 

116. Who founded the Asiatic Society? 
(A) David Hare (B) Alexander Duff (C) H. V. Derozio (D) William Jones 

117. The location of Iron & Steel plants in India has been influenced by the availability of the following in order of importance: 
(A) Iron Ore — Coking Coal — Limestone —Manganese
(B) Coking Coal — Iron Ore — Limestone —Manganese 
(C) Iron Ore — Manganese — Limestone —Coking Coal 
(D) Coking Coal — Manganese — Iron Ore —Limestone 

118. What is the value of two-fifth of 60% of 320? (A) 76.6 (B) 38.4 (C) 76.8 (D) 37.4 

119. The longest cell in animals is (A) Nerve cell (B) Hepatocyte (Liver cell) (C) Blood cell (D) Muscle cell 

120. Who is the author of 'Indica'? (A) Herodotus (B) Megastenes (C) Strabo (D) Plutarch 

121. Revenue from agricultural income tax is collectec and received by (A) Only Union Government (B) Only State Government (C) Local self Government (D) Both Union and State Government 

122. The biggest ship building yard of India is
(A) Garden Reach Workshop, Kolkata (B) Hindustan Shipyard, Vishakhapatnam 
(C) Mazagaon Dock, Mumbai (D) Cochin Shipyard, Kochi 

123. The Centenary session of Indian Scienct Congress was held in January, 2013 at 
(A) Kolkata (B) Chennai (C) Mumbai (D) Ernakulam 

124. Major part of tax revenue in India comes from 
(A) Direct taxes (B) Indirect taxes 
(C) both Direct and Indirect taxes have equa share (D) None of the above 

125. Taxila was the famous site of 
(A) Early Vedic Age (B) Gandhara Art (C) Gupta Art (D) Mauryan Art 

126. Triangle ABC is rightangled at B. If AB = 24 mm. and BC = 7 mm., then AC = ?
(A) 31 mm. (B) 21 mm. (C) 35 mm. (D) 25 mm. 

127. Every angle of a regular hexagon is (A) 90° (B) 120° (C) 135° (D) 145° 

128. Find the value of K for which the lines 5x + 3y + 2 = 0 and 3x —Ky + 6 = 0 are perpendicular. 
(A) 5 (B) 32 (C) 14 (D) 6 

129. Who was the founder of the 'Delhi Sultanate'?
(A) Muhammad Ghori (B) Qutubuddin Aibak (C) Iltutmish (D) Ghiyasuddin Balban 

130. The National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 as launched in 
(A) January, 2013 (B) December, 2012 (C) April, 2013 (D) November, 2012 

131. At which of the following places, the Pole S appears at the highest angle in the sky? 
(A) Sandakfu (B) Falut (C) Darjeeling (D) Kalimpong 

132. Term loan for expansion of industries in India is mainly provided by 
(A) Commercial banks (B) Development banks (C) Reserve Bank of India (D) Co-operative banks 

133. Attitude of present industrial policy towards foreign direct investment is 
(A) Total rejection of FDI (B) Increase in share of FDI 
(C) Decrease in share of FDI (D) None of the above 

134. The Election Commission of India celebrates the National Voters Day on 
(A) 26th January (B) 25th March (C) 25th January (D) 1st February 

135. Where is the tomb of Jahangir situated? (A) Agra (B) Delhi (C) Lahore (D) Srinagar 

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