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Solved Question of WBPSC West Bengal Civil Service (Exe.) (Prelim.) Exam, 2014. Which held on 3rd Aug, 2014 (Part II Question No. 26 to 76)

West Bengal Public Selection Commission has Organized Written Examination (CWE) Recruitment to the posts of West Bengal Civil Service (Exe.) (Preliminary) Examination, 2014. Which held on on 3rd August, 2014 (Sunday) from 12:00 Noon to 2:30 P. M. Solved Question Paper are given below. Part II Question No. 26 to 76

26. Light year is a unit of (A) Time (B) Distance (C) Light (D) Intensity of light 

27. Sound waves in air are 
(A) Transverse (B) Longitudinal (C) Electromagnetic (D) Polarized 

28. Damodar river rises from 
(A) Rajmahal plateau (B) Chhotanagpur plateau (C) Himalayas (D) Eastern Ghats 

29. A complete outcome of the Wavell plan was the 
(A) holding of a referendum in the N. W. frontier province. 
(B) absorption of the State of Hyderabad with the Indian Union. 
(C) summoning of Simla Conference. (D) The Constitution of the Constituent Assembly. 

30. Which of the rays is most dangerous? 
(A) Alpha ray (B) Beta ray (C) Gama ray (D) X-ray 

31. Petro Poroshenko is the new President of 
(A) The Czech Republic (B) Georgia (C) Ukraine (D) Poland 

32. Who prepares the topographical maps of India? 
(A) Geological Survey of India (B) Survey of India 
(C) Defence Ministry (D) Geographical Survey of India 

33. In order to control inflationary price rise, Reserve Bank directs banks to 
(A) Reduce rate of interest on credit (B) Reduce Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) 
(C) Increase Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) (D) Buy bonds from capital market 

34. RADAR is used for 
(A) locating submerged submarines. (B) receiving signals in a radio receiver. 
(C) locating geostationary satellites. 
(D) detecting and locating the position of objects such as aeroplane. 

35. More than 300 school children died earlier this year in a Ferry disaster off the coast of (A) China (B) Japan (C) South Korea (D) North Korea 

36. Bokaro Steel Plant was established with the help of 
(A) America (B) Britain (C) France (D) Soviet Union 

37. The Congress President who conducted negotiation with Cripps in 1942 and Wavell at the Simla Conference was 
(A) Abul Kalam Azad (B) Jawaharlal Nehru (C) J. B. Kripalani (D) C. Rajagopalachari 

38. Lionel Messi, who plays for Barcelona, is a national of 

(A) Argentina (B) Mexico (C) Brazil (D) Uruguay 

39. India held Garuda-V air exercises jointly with (A) Russia (B) U.S.A. (C) France (D) China 

40. El Nino refers to 
(A) an atmospheric phenomenon (B) an environmental phenomenon (C) an Oceanic phenomenon (D) a climatic phenomenon 

41. Point out the false statement. India entered into financial structural reform by 
(A) increasing import restriction. (B) import liberalisation. 
(C) opening of domestic market to the world trade. (D) devaluation of exchange rate. 

42. LCD stands for 
(A) Liquid Crystal Display (B) Low Current Display (C) Light Circuit Display (D) None of the above 

43. Who among the following attended the first session of the Round Table Conference? 
(A) Tej Bahadur Sapru (B) M. K. Gandhi (C) Abul Kalam Azad (D) S. C. Bose 

44. The Nobel Prize for Peace, 2013 was awarded to 
(A) Barack Obama (B) Al Gore (C) The UN High Commission for Refugees 
(D) Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons 

45. Basically domestic electric wiring is a 
(A) parallel connection (B) series connection 
(C) combination of series and parallel connections 
(D) None of the above 

46. The soil of the sunderban of West Bengal is 
(A) Red Soil (B) Clayey Saline Soil (C) Alluvial Soil (D) Black Soil 

47. Why was the Simon Commission boycotted by the Congress? 
(A) As it did not include any representative of the Congress. 
(B) As it included a member of the Muslim League. 
(C) As it negated the claim of the Indians to determine their own constitution. 
(D) As it was appointed one year before. 

48. The most abundant rare gas in the atmosphere is (A) Helium (B) Neon (C) Argon (D) Xenon 

49. 879 x 439 + 879 x 321 = ? (A) 668040 (B) 669040 (C) 667030 (D) 666040 

50. Where is the Forest Research Institute of India located? 
(A) Delhi (B) Bhopal (C) Dehradun (D) Lucknow 

51. Existence of huge black money creates 
(A) increase in the inequality of income. (B) decrease in the quality of output. 
(C) high living standard for all. (D) Both (B) and (C) 

52. Find the wrong number among the following. (A) 1381 (B) 343 (C) 8 (D) 125 

53. Find the wrong number among the following: 7, 28, 63, 124, 215, 342, 511 
(A) 28 (B) 124 (C) 342 (D) 215 

54. The most malleable metal is (A) Platinum (B) Silver (C) Iron (D) Gold 

55. Alleppo is a rebellious province of (A) Iraq (B) Lebanon (C) Syria (D) Ukraine 

56. Jalpaiguri is situated on the banks of which rivers? 
(A) Tista and Karala (B) Tista and Jaldhaka (C) Jaldhaka and Torsa (D) Tista and Raidak 

57. World Trade Organisation (WTO) directed QCs including India to 
(A) impose export subsidy. (B) bring in exchange control measures. 
(C) increase liberalisation and co-operation in foreign trade sector. (D) none of the above. 

58. The heat required to raise the temperature of body by 1K is called 
(A) Specific heat (B) Thermal capacity (C) Water equivalent (D) None of the above 

59. Which was a major port of the Indus valley? 
(A) Lothal (B) Kalibangan (C) Chanhudaro (D) Mehargarh 

60. Who among the following was not a member of the Congress Socialist Party? 
(A) Achyut Patwardhan (B) Jawaharlal Nehru (C) Jayaprakash Narayan (D) Acharya Narendra Dev 

61. Tuticorin, an important fishing harbour is situated along coast. 
(A) Malabar (B) Coromondal (C) Konkan (D) Gulf of Kutch 

62. The half life period of an isotope is 2 hours. After 6 hours what fraction of the initial quantity of the isotope will be left behind? 
(A) 1/6 (B) 1/3 (C) 1/8 (D) 1/4 

63. Which ruler was contemporary of both Buddha and Mahavira? 
(A) Bimbisara (B) Chandragupta (C) Pradyot (D) Ajatasatru 

64. Find out the statement which is false. Financial Structural reform needs 
(A) fall in government budget deficit. (B) increase in profitability of economic sectors. 
(C) reduce inflationary pressure. (D) increase in the balance of payment deficit. 

65. The Rourkela Steel Plant is located on the bank of river. 
(A) Bhadra (B) Brahmani (C) Damodar (D) Bhima 

66. Washing soda is the common name for 
(A) Sodium carbonate (B) Calcium carbonate (C) Sodium bicarbonate (D) Sodium hydroxide 

67. The president of the India National Congress at the time of independence was 
(A) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (B) Jawaharlal Nehru (C) Dr. Rajendra Prasad (D) J. B. Kripalani 

68. 48% of the first number is 60% of the second number. What is the ratio of the first number to the second number? (A) 4 : 7 (B) 3 : 4 (C) 5 : 4 (D) 3 : 2 

69. The number of electrons present in I-1+ is (A) Zero (B) One (C) Two (D) Three 

70. What was the policy of Samudragupta in the south? 
(A) Conquest (B) Dharma vijaya (C) Digvij ay (D) None of the above 

71. Diamond mines of India are located in 
(A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Karnatak (C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Gujarat 

72. Optical fiber works on the 
(A) Principle of Refraction (B) Total Internal Reflection (C) Scattering (D) Reflection

73. Education, under the Indian Constitution is included in 
(A) The Union list (B) The State list (C) The concurrent list (D) None of the above 

74. In India the Federal Court was constituted by an act of 
(A) 1891 (B) 1909 (C) 1919 (D) 1935 

75. Which disease is caused by fungus? 
(A) Polio (B) Malaria (C) Dermatitis (D) Cholera 

76. Chandragupta Maurya was succeeded by 
(A) Bindusara (B) Ajatasatru (C) Ashoka (D) Harsha 
ANSWER SET OF WBCS PRELMS. 2014 (SET – A ) Question No. 26 to 76

26. (B) 27. (B) 28. (B) 29. (D) 30. (C) 31. (C) 32. (B) 33. (C) 34. (D) 35. (C) 36. (D) 37. (A) 38. (A) 39. (C) 40. (C) 41. (C) 42. (A) 43. (A) 44. (D) 45. (A) 46. (B) 47. (A) 48. (C) 49. (A) 50. (C) 51. (A) 52. (A) 53. (A) 54. (D) 55. (C) 56. (B) 57. (C) 58. (B) 59. (A) 60. (B) 61. (B) 62. (C) 63. (A) 64. (D) 65. (B) 66. (C) 67. (D) 68. (C) 69. (A) 70. (B) 71. (C) 72. (B) 73. (C) 74. (D) 75. (C) 76. (A)
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