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Solved Question of WBPSC West Bengal Civil Service (Exe.) (Prelim.) Exam, 2014. Which held on 3rd Aug, 2014 (Remaining Part Question No. 171 to 200)

West Bengal Public Selection Commission has Organized Written Examination (CWE) Recruitment to the posts of West Bengal Civil Service (Exe.) (Preliminary) Examination, 2014. Which held on on 3rd August, 2014 (Sunday) from 12:00 Noon to 2:30 P. M. Solved Question Paper are given below. Remaining Part Question No. 171 to 200

171. In 2013, the Dada Saheb Phalke Award was given 
(A) Aamir Khan (B) Soumitra Chatterjee (C) Gulzar (D) None of the above 

172. The last British Viceroy in India was 
(A) Lord Wavell (B) Lord Mountbatten (C) Lord Linlithgow (D) Attlee 

173. Simantika sold two radios for Rs. 2000 each. On one she gains 16% and on the other she losses 16%. Find her gain or loss per cent in the whole transaction. 
(A) 5.28 (B) 2.56 (C) 4.68 (D) 8.01 

174. The first National News Agency of India was 
(A) The Indian Review (B) The Free Press of India 
(C) The Hindustan Review (D) The Associated Press of India 

175. Chhanda Gayen went missing while trying to climb to the peak of 
(A) Mount Everest (B) Makalu (C) Annapurna (D) Kanchenjangha West 

176. The oldest Veda is (A) Atharvaveda (B) Rigveda (C) Yajurveda (D) Samveda 

177. The difference between 78% of a number and 59% of the same number is 323. What is 62% of that number? (A) 1054 (B) 1178 (C) 1159 (D) 1037 

178. Major part of the Indian agriculture is characterised by 
(A) Large size farm (B) Capitalist agriculture (C) Small size farm (D) Co-operative farm 

179. In a row of boys, Syamantaka is 7th from the 1, and Venkat is 12th from the right. If they interchan their positions, Syamantaka becomes 22nd from the le How many boys are there in the row? 
(A) 29 (B) 31 (C) 33 (D) 34 

180. Which one of the following was a mouthpiece the Liberals? 
(A) New India (B) Leader (C) Young India (D) Free Press Journal 

181. The Wimbledon Men's Singles title was won in 2013 by 
(A) Andy Murray (B) Roger Federer (C) Rafael Nadal (D) Novak Djokovic 

182. Alexander fought against Perus on the banks of the river (A) Indus (B) Jhelum (C) Ravi (D) Iravati 

183. In the Nehru Report Committee (1928) the Liberal Federation was represented by 
(A) M. R. Jayakar (B) Tej Bahadur Sapru (C) V. S. Srinivasa Sastri (D) M. S. Aney 

184. Land reforms largely benefitted the economic condition of 
(A) Agricultural labourers (B) Bargadars (C) Small farmers (D) Co-operative farmers 

185. The population of a city increases at the rate of 15% pa. If its population was 4000 at the end of 2009, find its population at the end of 2011. 
(A) 5390 (B) 4780 (C) 5290 (D) 8256 

186. Which one of the following states is not a member of SAARC? 
(A) Bhutan (B) Bangladesh (C) Mauritius (D) Nepal 

187. Which one of the following is not a tributary of the Ganga? 
(A) Son (B) Gomati (C) Gandak (D) Subarnarekha 

188. Find the missing number from the series 8, 15, 28, 53, ?, 199. 
(A) 104 (B) 103 (C) 102 (D) 101 

189. Tertiary sector activities include 
(A) Cottage industries (B) Mining activities (C) Construction activities (D) Infrastructure services 

190. Abdel Fatah Al Sisi is the President of 
(A) Afghanistan (B) Arab Republic of Egypt (C) Libya (D) Iran 

191. The major portion of West Bengal plateau lies the district of 
(A) Medinipur (B) Murshidabad (C) Purulia (D) Barddhaman 

192. The immediate cause for the launching of Non Co-operation Movement was the 
(A) Khilafat Wrong (B) Rowlatt Act (C) Jallian Walla Bagh massacre 
(D) Dissatisfaction with the Government of India Act, 1919 

193. Plan finance creates increase of money supply if there is 
(A) increase in taxes. (B) increase in loan from the Reserve Bank of India. 
(C) increase in loan from commercial banks. (D) increase in loan from general public. 

194. In a bloodless coup the Army recently took over power in 
(A) Indonesia (B) Malayasia (C) Myanmar (D) Thailand 

195. The plains at the foot of the Darjeeling Himalayas is known as   in Darjeeling listrict of West Bengal. (A) Duars (B) Terai (C) Rarh (D) Barind 

196. What proposals were made in the 'August Offer'? 
(A) Complete independence of India gradually (B) Dominion Status 
(C) Provincial autonomy (D) Representative government at the centre 

197. Flight MH 370 that went off the radar was scheduled to fly from Kualalampur to 
(A) Beijing (B) Jakarta (C) New Delhi (D) Perth 

198. How many iron rods each of length 14 m. and diameter 4 cm. can be made out of 0.88m3 of iron? 
(A) 45 (B) 50 (C) 65 (D) 80 

199. The distance from the north to the south of West Bengal is approximately  
(A) 600 km. (B) 700 km. (C) 800 km. (D) 400 km. 

200. Oliver Stone is 
(A) An Oscar winning film-maker (B) An actor (C) A Lyricist (D) A Novelist 

171. (C) 172. (B) 173. (B)174. (B) 175. (D) 176. (B) 177. (A) 178. () 179. (C) 180. (B) 181. (A) 182. (B) 183. (B) 184. () 185. (C) 186. (C) 187. (D) 188. (C) 189. (D) 190. (B) 191. (C) 192.(C) 193. (A) 194. (D) 195. (A) 196. (B) 197. (A) 198. (B) 199. () 200.(A)
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